Our History

Welcome to Fresh Nature Foods,
home of the Fresh Picked Green Chickpea.

Fresh has a new flavor, and Fresh Nature Foods is in the forefront bringing fresh young green chickpeas to markets around the world!  As a family owned agricultural company dating back four generations in the beautiful rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest, Fresh Nature is the first company in the world to grow, harvest and supply IQF Shelled Green Chickpeas making this once seasonal delicacy available year-round.

Young green Chickpeas are a Non-GMO, gluten and allergen free plant based protein.  As newest super-food to hit the market, our wide variety of green chickpea products truly are what’s new in Fresh.


As a company

  • We strive toward sensible and sound food production.
  • We are advocates for reducing chemical dependency and believe in helping plants grow as “naturally” as possible.
  • We implement strict limitations for all pesticides and a zero tolerance for any harmful insecticide usage.

The History of the Chickpea

  • The Dried Garbanzo Bean, Or Chickpea, Has Been Cultivated for over 10,000 Years.
  • It was written about in the Civilization Of Babylon & Jericho dating back as far as 7,900 B .C.
  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks & Romans grew garbanzos, which provided a popular staple for these early cultures.
  • Today, Modern Production Encompasses Over 70 Million Acres Worldwide, With Only About 600,000 + Acres Grown and Harvested In The U.S.