Meet the green chickpea, the little bean that packs a green punch.

We all know that in this high-stress life, our bodies need all the vitamins and healthy energy we can get. While there are many great veggies and foods available to us that fit the bill, unfortunately, many of our recent superfood fads carry a negative global impact that is hidden just out of view.

Check out this NPR article on Quinoa for example

But what if the U.S. had our very own super food, grown right here on our own soil?

Welcome, Green Chickpeas to the ring. Ready to take on and challenge the super food status quo. So what kind of punch does this little green guy pack?

The Basics
A 1/2-cup serving of green chickpeas has only 90 calories, but don’t let that fool you, this bean is a lean and scrappy featherweight packed full of nutrition. Even with this small of an amount you get 5 grams of protein. It also has as much fiber as a medium apple, with 4 grams of dietary fiber and just 1 gram of fat. It contains no cholesterol and less than 1 gram of natural sugar too. A truly all-natural non-allergenic fresh source of protein. 

They are an excellent source of folate (vitamin B9) and contain antioxidant vitamins A & C along with good-for-you phytonutrients. 

Even more impressive, they sport a good source of iron and contain other minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium supporting your bones, blood cells, muscles, and nerve functions.

If you want to give green chickpeas a try for the first time, or if you are looking for a tasty alternative to traditional hummus, look no further than Fresh Nature where you can find out more about Fresh Green Chickpea Hummus.