At Fresh Nature, we live at the crossroads where tradition and innovation intersect.  Fresh green chickpeas have long been known as a seasonal delicacy throughout the world, and Fresh Nature has emerged as the first company in North America to bring these fresh picked, young green chickpeas to market in a frozen format.  We grow, mechanically harvest and shell, then IQF process our green chickpeas.­  This allows us to not only provide year round supply but also lock in the vibrant bright green color and maximize nutritional value, making green chickpeas the newest superfood available to consumers around the globe.

Chef in white jacket slicing green onions on a cutting board
Green Chickpea Baguette Caprese Image
Green Chickpea Bean Salad
"A hands down winner"
Chef Ed Brown
President - Restaurant Associates
"Green Chickpeas are great for the body and the earth, so let's enjoy flavorful food and celebrate sustainability together."
Norbert Bomm
Corporate Executive Chef - Morrison Healthcare
"Green chickpeas are the NEW must have ingredient for every kitchen."
Chef Wing Lam
Owner - Wahoo's Fish Taco
"One of the best new products I have seen in years!"
Chef Bill Chodan
SVP Culinary Operations - Flik Hospitality Group
"Plant based for the future and fresh green chickpeas for the win! It's the little things that make a big difference."
Derek Sarno
Chef, Director of Plant Based Innovation, Tesco Founder/Developer Wicked Kitchen