Farming Practices

Planting, Caring For, Harvesting

Fresh Nature Foods’s mission is to produce safe food using natural, earth-friendly and environmentally sustainable methods.

Chickpeas are great for crop rotations as they help reduce the carbon footprint by conserving valuable natural resources such as water and building the soil back up, which is commonly left depleted after other crops.


Nurtured From Seed to Serve

Does it really matter where ingredients come from? We think so. Enter Fresh Nature Foods, our family owned Pacific Northwest agriculture company that specializes in producing fresh picked green chickpeas. With our patented growing, harvesting and processing methods we are the first and only farm in North America supplying fresh green chickpea products with year round availability!

Seed to Serve Graphic

Fresh picked green chickpeas are a perfect part of a sustainable agricultural program as they are:

  • Carefully nurtured without the use of harmful insecticides.
  • Naturally fixes atmospheric nitrogen, replenishing it into the soil. This nitrogen fixing ability reduces commercial fertilizer usage by farmers using green chickpeas as part of their crop rotation by naturally replenishing nitrogen in the soil that has been depleted by other crops.
  • The chickpea plant has an unusually deep growing tap root which allows water to percolate deeper into the soil for improved moisture retention and provides a natural filter for our aquifers.