School Lunch Program

There is a new green super bean grazing the menus at k-12 schools.  Our IQF fresh picked green chickpeas are a perfect fit for school meal programs as they are sodium & allergen free, plus provide a unique alternative to the legume component of the meal.  Students who try the product love them as they are packed full of delicious sweet flavors with a nutty  firm crunch.  Plus, they are rich in protein, fiber and vitamins to make the moms happy campers as well.

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Convenient in use, they can be used as a standalone item on the tray, added to the salad bar, or made into a fresh green hummus or a crunchy salsa.  The sky’s the limit on how our chickpeas can be offered to students while meeting the following federal meal guidelines:

  • 1.33 ounces of green chickpeas provides 1 ounce equivalent meat/meat alternative.
  • 1.33 ounces of green chickpeas provides 1/4 cup of beans/peas (legume) vegetables.


Fresh picked green chickpeas are non-GMO project verified, gluten free and raised without the use of harmful insecticides ensuring safe and sustainable agricultural practices.  A proud product of the U.S.A., fresh picked green chickpeas are truly the next great super bean!