Our Beans

Picked fresh from the vine, blanched, and flash frozen to guarantee quality within minutes from the field. Fresh Picked Green Chickpeas are nutrition packed and have a very unique and flavorful taste, making them an exciting, versatile and convenient food product.

Food Service Hummus

Green garbanzo beans purée to a creamy texture for this simple variation on hummus that is bright, fresh and green. Serve with crisp raw veggies and pita chips or tortilla chips.

Falafel Cakes & Hummus Fries

Are hand prepared from fresh picked green garbanzo beans, pan seared and flavored to perfection to provide customers with an extremely healthy and fresh ready to eat veggie cake. They are easy to handle and versatile in use, from wraps to sandwiches, appetizers to healthy afternoon snacks, green garbanzo veggie cakes are perfect for any use.

Sourcing Abilities

Being an grower and manufacturer allows us to save you time and money on your bulk orders, contact us about sourcing your other vegetable needs through our network of growers.