Fresh Nature Foods strives for excellence in both product and practice. As commercial producers, we are advocates for a safe food supply and are working diligently to accomplish this by reducing pesticides and insecticide usage in our production methods. We are devoted to nurturing the land and are committed to sustainable agricultural practices. This is one of the characteristics that makes the green garbanzo so great in a farm rotation. With its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen returning it to the soil rather than depleting it like other commercial vegetables, and with its deep tap root creating increased water percolation through the soil, the Green Garbanzo gives us the opportunity to make a difference and ensure safe food for today, and future generations.

As a company:

  • We strive toward sensible and sound food production.
  • We are advocates for reducing chemical dependency and believe in helping plants grow as “naturally” as possible.
  • We implement strict limitations for all pesticides and a zero tolerance for any harmful insecticide usage.


  • The Dried Garbanzo Bean, Or Chickpea, Has Been Cultivated For Over 10,000 Years.
  • It Was Written About In The Civilization Of Babylon And Jericho Dating Back As Far As 7,900 B .C.
  • Ancient Egyptians, Greeks And Romans Grew Garbanzos, Which Provided A Popular Staple For These Early Cultures.
  • Today, Modern Production Encompasses Over 70 Million Acres Worldwide, With Only About 135,000 + Acres Harvested In The U.S.